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  • Pre-Arbitration Considerations and the Arbitration Demand
  • The Preliminary Hearing and Discovery
  • The Arbitration Hearing and Post-Hearing Briefing

Why These Videos Are Helpful

Arbitration is ubiquitous, and it has profoundly impacted the private practice of consumer protection law. While much has been said about the disadvantages of arbitration for consumers, many practitioners have had great success in arbitrating individual consumer protection claims. This three-part webinar boot camp will show participants how they can succeed in arbitration. The presenters, Ron Wilcox and Dan Blinn, will address all aspects of arbitrating consumer claims, from the initial selection of an arbitral forum right up to the time of a final award.

What You Will Learn

  • What strategies to employ to ensure a favorable arbitral forum and arbitrator
  • When to demand an evidentiary hearing and when to agree to a desk arbitration (submission on the papers)
  • How to prepare for the pre-hearing conference to ensure that you obtain the discovery necessary to prevail
  • How to prepare effective pre-hearing and post-hearing memorandum
  • How to present the case and how arbitration hearings differ from court trials
  • How to maximize attorney fee awards


Ronald Wilcox sues creditors and abusive debt collectors for, among other things, FCRA, FDCPA, TCPA, and identity theft violations from his office in San Jose, CA. Ron holds degrees from New York University, Harvard University, and Indiana University, and he is a graduate of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College. Ron has consistently obtained successful outcomes for his clients and for himself in consumer arbitration.

Dan Blinn handles auto dealer fraud, warranty, and other consumer claims. He holds degrees from New York University and Bowling Green State University. Dan has been successfully arbitrating consumer claims for decades from his office in Rocky Hill, CT.