Position: Peer Group Leader 

Term: Six months with possibility to extend 

Reports to: NACA Membership and Education team 


At the request of members, NACA is looking to establish online peer coaching groups that would meet on an agreed-upon basis for discussion and support. To make this successful, we need to find people who would be willing to lead a group of no more than ten members. The group leaders would be responsible for leading the discussions and bringing the group to consensus on topics. NACA would provide the platform and would register participants. 

These peer groups will be a different experience from NACA’s Mentor program. Rather than a one-on-one mentoring relationship, the peer groups are designed to have a small group of peers who are at roughly the same level and able to work together and support one another. 

Major Functions and Responsibilities 

Scheduling and Leading Calls: Take the lead in scheduling and leading conference calls, ensuring that there is equal participation and that members come to consensus on topics. Frequency of calls should be decided together by all members of the group.  

Determining Goals and Topics: You should work with your group to determine what everyone wants to gain from the meetings and what topics the group wants to cover. Alternatively, you as the leader can choose a main topic or theme for the group (e.g. discussion of fair credit issues), and we will solicit members interested in that topic to join your particular group.  

Volunteer Commitment 

Group members should decide together how often they want to meet, so the volunteer commitment will therefore vary depending on how often that is. We would like groups to last at least six months, with the possibility of going longer if there is interest in continuing.  


 Must have been practicing consumer law for a minimum of 15 years and have a desire to help build a network of support and networking through the peer group.  

Please email us if you are interested.