Position: Issues Committee Member-at-large

Term Length: two years with the option to extend up to two additional years.

Committee Overview

The issues committee meets quarterly to review current issues affecting consumers. The committee helps NACA determine whether it should take a public position on issues of controversy and if so, helps to formulate a recommendation as to our position. In addition, the issues committee reviews amicus brief requests, recommends whether NACA should file a brief, and selects lawyers to draft the brief.

Major Functions and Responsibilities

Review Amicus Brief Requests

  • Committee members are assigned amicus requests to review on a rolling basis and according to their areas of interest and location of practice.
  • Committee members review amicus brief requests and make a recommendation of whether NACA should file a brief.
  • Committee members then select lawyers who have extensive experience with the particular issue to draft the brief.

Determine whether NACA should take a public position on an issue

  • The committee discusses current controversial issues regarding consumer protection and determine whether it would be appropriate for NACA to take a public position on the issues.
  • If it is decided that NACA should take a position, the committee makes a recommendation as to which position NACA should take.

Volunteer Commitment

The committee meets quarterly and evaluates amicus requests on an as-needed basis. The average time commitment is two to three hours per month.

Required Qualifications

In order to join the issues committee, you need to have been a NACA member for at least two years and have been practicing solely consumer law for at least five years.


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