Mediation and Settlement Package

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December 10, 2021
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•    Learn the Game: Basic and Advanced Techniques to Negotiate American Style
•    How to Prepare for a Mediation
•    Mock Mediation
•    Setting up the Mediation So that It Won’t Be a Waste of Time and Money
•    Timeline of a Case: When to Consider Negotiations, Mediation and Arbitration

Why These Videos are Helpful

Want to improve your negotiations skills and achieve better results at mediation? Interested in learning more about the win-win strategies often used by mediators to help parties reach an agreement? Want to be prepared to handle common roadblocks that arise during mediation? This webinar series provides you with tips and strategies to improve your outcomes at settlement negotiations.

What You Will Learn

•    How to prepare for an effective mediation
•    How to successfully negotiate your case
•    How the intersections of negotiations, mediation, and arbitration arise throughout the life cycle of your case
•    How to handle common challenges that arise during mediation


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