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NACA, together with AARP and National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates, argued that Congress did not intend to preempt state consumer protection laws like the Minnesota Wireless Consumer Act, because the Act neither regulates nor directly affects wireless carriers’ rates. The Federal Communications Commission has adopted a “hands-off” approach to the wireless industry, and the industry’s reliance on voluntary consumer code for wireless services does not adequately protectconsumers. Therefore, states have responded to the growing use of and problems associated with wireless service by studying, introducing or enacting additional consumer protections relating to service quality and carriers’ business practices. This Act is one such law. This brief was written by Patrick Pearlman of W. Va. Public Service Comm., Karlen Reed, MA Asst. Attorney General, Christine Mailloux of The Utility Reform Network, and Maureen Grady and David Bergman, Consumer Counsel.

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