Professional conduct. NACA members shall be committed to advancing the cause of just treatment for and ethical representation of consumers. NACA members shall uphold the law in their professional activities and abide by the rules of professional conduct applicable to their practices.

Dignity of profession. NACA members should promote and contribute to the knowledge, capacity, dignity, and integrity of the legal profession. Members should strive, through their actions, to pursue their professional activities with honesty and courtesy and to ensure that their representatives and employees conform their conduct to this Code.

Discrimination. NACA members shall not engage in or support discrimination in their professional capacity against individuals on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, citizenship, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, or genetic information.

Harassment. NACA members shall strive to maintain a respectful, supportive, and professional environment while attending NACA-organized or -related events, participating in NACA forums and activities, serving as a member leader/volunteer of the organization, and holding themselves out as a NACA member. NACA members shall treat each other, staff, and all participants with dignity and respect and shall not engage in disruptive, harassing, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate physical, sexual, verbal, or electronic communication behavior.

Privacy. NACA members shall respect the privacy of other members. NACA members shall abide by any confidentiality requirements with respect to information obtained through NACA-organized or -related events or forums, including listservs. This confidentiality will continue to apply even after you are no longer a member. NACA members shall not take any action to gather or “harvest” member contact information in bulk from NACA’s member database, directory, or listservs and distribute that information to others for any reason, or use that information for non-NACA or commercial mass communications.

Arbitration. NACA members shall not request that any client enter into a contract that includes a pre-dispute binding arbitration agreement or clause, including a contract such as a retainer to provide services to a client. NACA members should not promote the use of pre-dispute binding arbitration agreements in consumer contracts.

NACA Class Action Guidelines. NACA has developed guidelines for class action practices.  NACA members with class action practices will review the guidelines and should strive to adhere to them.

Use of the NACA Member Badge. If all the members of a firm or organization are NACA members, then the NACA badge may be included on a website, e-communication, promotional flyer, or written communication to identify the firm or organization as having NACA members. If not all members of a firm or organization are NACA members, NACA members must use discretion so as not to mislead, and place the NACA badge only on the NACA member’s profile page, personal e-communication, personal promotional material, or similarly individualized communications.