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One of NACA’s top priorities continues to be changing the tax law so that consumer law attorneys’ fees are not taxable to your clients. We are always exploring new and practical ways to avoid this problem and continue our efforts to find a permanent solution through litigation and/or legislation. To that end, NACA has recently commissioned a survey about the public’s understanding of consumer protection law and the ability of consumers to obtain affordable legal help. The results of that research should not only help us in educating our clients, the public, and our courts about the tax issue, but also help us pass our Congressional tax legislation.

What You Will Learn

  • How to advise your clients to makes sure they are not taxed on your fees
  • How to find a case that will help with NACA’s litigation strategy on this issue
  • How to talk to potential clients, juries, and legislators about the work we do
  • What you can do to help finally change the tax law of consumer attorney legal fees


Christine Hines, Legislative Director of NACA

Ira Rheingold, Executive Director of NACA