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No one likes to litigate their fees. This is an open conversation to help you avoid doing so or to better leverage your position if you must. This is intended for intermediate to advanced attorneys who have litigated their fee claims before. 

 What You Will Learn 

  • How to deal with your contested fee claims 
  • How others handle contested fee claims 

 About Virtual Roundtables 

NACA is launching a new series of Virtual Roundtables, each facilitated by a NACA member. These online sessions will consist of conversations to explore a specific topic. These sessions will not include a presentation and will depend on member participation. All attendees will be asked to provide feedback on the session afterwards. Attendance at Virtual Roundtables is capped at fifteen. Please register only if you plan on attending the live session. Unless noted otherwise, the Virtual Roundtable will be recorded and available in NACA’s Training Library. 


Craig Rothburd has practiced law for over twenty-six years with a focus on class actions, consumer law, complex business, real estate, and health care law and litigation. He has been AVä Martindale-Hubbell rated for many years; was recently awarded the Judge Don Castor Justice Award by Bay Area Legal Service in 2019; and was awarded the Consumer Protection Lawyer of the Year for 2017 by the Florida Bar. Since 2000, Craig has been involved in numerous consumer-based cases and devoted a considerable amount of his practice on consumer law and litigation, with a special focus on class action litigation including mortgage loan servicing, truth in lending, insurance, deceptive practices, and consumer statutory violations. He is a past chairperson of the Florida Bar’s Consumer Protection Law Committee and a member of the National Associate of Consumer Advocates, serving as its membership committee co-chair. Craig has presented at numerous continuing legal education courses both statewide and nationally on issues such as attorneys’ fees, class actions, and consumer law. He is double Gator, having graduated with honors from the University of Florida, College of Law, and receiving his Bachelor of Science from UF.