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  • Intersection between FCRA, Chapter 7, Mortgages, and Loan Modification
  • How to Choose and Plead FCRA Claims in the Current Climate
  • Don’t Make this Mistake—Accuracy: Avoiding the Landmine in FCRA Cases
  • Preparing to Beat the Credit Reporting Agencies in Summary Judgment in Federal Court
  • Preparing to Beat a Furnisher Summary Judgment Motion in Federal Court
  • FCRA Discovery in the Current Climate
  • Understanding the Metro 2 Reporting Format

Why These Videos Are Helpful

Do you want to take on more complex FCRA claims, including class action claims? Do you want to learn what types of FCRA claims are appropriate for class actions? Are you interested in understanding the nexus between mortgage, bankruptcy, and FCRA claims? Are you curious about how to litigate claims against resellers? Do you want to learn effective strategies for taking depositions in FCRA cases? Do you want to know how to respond to an accuracy defense from the CRAs? Interested in beating motions for summary judgement against the CRAs and furnishers? This webinar series is geared to intermediate and advanced practitioners who already have a solid understanding of the FCRA.

What You Will Learn

  • How to spot issues for clients with credit problems that have not affirmed mortgages
  • How to find unique discoverable information available from a reseller and the CRAs when a tri-merge report is issued
  • What strategies to use when deposing witnesses for an FCRA claim
  • What is likely to happen when an accuracy defense is raised
  • How to prepare your case from the beginning of representation for the inevitable summary judgment


Leonard Bennett has been a trial attorney and consumer advocate since 1994 in Newport News, Virginia. Mr. Bennett’s practice is focused on the representation of consumers.  He has litigated individual and class cases throughout the country.

Craig Bertschi spent the first twenty-five years of his legal career as a defense lawyer with Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, representing Equifax and numerous background screeners in single plaintiff and class action lawsuits under the FCRA. Mr. Bertschi now proudly represents consumers in class action and single plaintiff litigation under the FCRA.

Bob Brennan began his career in civil litigation in 1988, and opened his own general practice firm, The Law Offices of Robert F. Brennan, in 1991. The firm specializes in litigating cases related to violations of consumer protection laws, including lemon law, automotive dealer fraud, wrongful credit damage, serious personal injury, and consumer protection class actions.

G. John Cento is an Indiana-based attorney with a national practice who has been practicing credit reporting law since 2000. Cento has litigated hundreds of FCRA cases throughout the country, and his experience includes trial and appeal.

O. Max Gardner III, Esq., is recognized as one of the leading lawyers in America in the area of predatory mortgage servicing and the standing of mortgage servicers in consumer bankruptcy cases.

Paul B. Mengedoth was a mortgage loan originator and post-closing mortgage analyst for a large mortgage lender prior to law school. For the last eleven years, he has solely represented consumers to champion their individual and class claims against creditors and debt collectors/furnishers, credit reporting agencies, and resellers.

Jeff Sand spent the first six years of his career as a defense lawyer at two of the country’s premier defense firms, where he defended Fortune 500 companies in class action and single plaintiff lawsuits. In 2014, Jeff left his defense practice to represent employees and consumers, rather than large corporations. Jeff’s consumer rights law practice focuses on litigation under the FCRA.

Larry P. Smith is a consumer attorney, handling matters involving the FCRA, FDCPA, EFTA, and state consumer fraud/UDAP matters for more than nineteen years. He is the managing partner at SmithMarco, P.C., which he established in 2005. Larry has tried dozens of consumer rights cases to verdict in the state and federal courts and has arbitrated more than 700 cases.

John Soumilas is an attorney with the law firm of Francis & Mailman, P.C. in center city Philadelphia. He concentrates his practice in the areas of consumer protection law, including fair credit reporting, fair debt collection, and consumer class actions.

Amy E. Tabor practices at Caddell & Chapman, which has served as class counsel in some of the largest FCRA class actions ever certified, including a successful settlement with Trans Union involving the use of credit information to create and sell “target marketing” lists to advertisers.