Terms and conditions for products and services have gotten so out of control that it’s virtually impossible for consumers to read or understand everything they sign. Whether they’re getting a car loan, opening a checking account, or downloading a new app on their phones, consumers are constantly hit with mile-long fine print. What’s worse, take-it-or-leave-it contracts force consumers to give up important rights without them even realizing it. And even when we do, we don’t have a meaningful choice over the harmful terms.

We have identified some terms that seriously harm consumer rights, but there are more. The report discusses forced arbitration clauses, class action bans, jury trial waivers, shortened statute of limitations, waivers of rights and remedies, choice-of-law and forum selection clauses, limitations of liability and damages, pre-dispute resolution clauses, loser pays provisions, unilateral contract amendments, and confidentiality clauses.

You’re invited to tell us about others that belong in the hall of shame. Use the form below to submit examples of the worst contract provisions you’ve encountered.

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