Position: Webinar Presenter

Term Length: There is no set term. NACA is looking for presenters for fall 2022 and winter 2023


NACA offers webinars once or twice a month on topics of interest to our members. NACA is seeking webinar presenters on all topics of interest to our members. Did you recently win a case and give a debrief on it? Are you seeing a particular trend in your casework and want to share your experience with our community? Are you a skilled litigator, negotiator, or intake specialist and want to share your best practices? If you don’t have a topic in mind, NACA always maintains a list of requested topics and is happy to work with you to find the best topic to suit your experience level and expertise.

Major Functions and Responsibilities

  • Identify critical trends and issues
  • Develop a Powerpoint or handout for the webinar
  • Help promote the finished product
  • Give a roughly fifty-minute presentation, allowing time for Q&A

Volunteer Commitment

We anticipate three to five hours of work per webinar in addition to an hour of presentation.

Required Qualifications

We are looking for volunteers with at least two years' experience in consumer law.


If you would like to give a webinar, fill out this brief form to let us know.

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