Position: Social Outreach Liaison

Term: Two-year term, renewable for up to two additional years.

Reports to: Membership Committee/State Chair

Overall Responsibility

This is a new position that will assist with communication to members in their state. The social outreach liaison will provide outreach to newer NACA members and others in their state in partnership with the state chair.

Major Functions and Responsibilities

Outreach to New Members

The social outreach liaison will call or email new members to welcome them to the community. Members who get engaged and figure out how to tap into the local community and resources of NACA are far more likely to renew and become long-term members.

Keeping Members Informed and Engaged

This position will help keep our members informed and engaged about trainings and events, as well as the benefits of being a NACA member. In addition, the social outreach liaisons provide information back to the membership and education committees and the NACA staff about needs, critical issues and trends, and concerns. Another piece of this is encouraging members to engage with current legislation proposed in their state.

Building Community

The social outreach liaison will work with the state chair in planning and scheduling regular meetings or get togethers, creating state-specific training, and supporting the state listserv.

Volunteer Commitment

Social outreach liaisons will be expected to participate in two to three conference calls a year. Additional time commitments will largely depend on the activities and the number of members in each state. We estimate no more than two to three hours a month.


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Social Outreach Liaison

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