Position: Class Action eCourse Committee Member

Term Length: September 1, 2022–June 1, 2023 

Committee Overview

This eCourse will be for individuals interested in becoming class action attorneys. The committee will determine what skills and knowledge are needed to become a class action attorney, then review existing resources and create new resources to be part of the eCourse. The committee will also help market the eCourse to NACA members. 

Major Functions and Responsibilities

  • Identify critical skills and knowledge  
  • Write dialogue, quizzes, and other text if interactive stories are part of the eCourse 
  • Review videos from the 2022 So You Want to be a Class Action Attorney Workshop 
  • Prepare additional materials for the eCourse, such as video interviews, documents, interactive story case studies, etc. 
  • Help promote the finished product. 

Volunteer Commitment

The committee will meet once a month for one hour until the eCourse is ready to launch. Also, members will likely need to spend an additional one to two hours every month reviewing materials. 

Required Qualifications

We are looking for volunteers with at least three years' experience in consumer law.


If you would like to get involved with our work on this project, please email Rebecca.