Position: Debt Collection Education Committee Member

Term Length: September 1, 2022–June 30, 2023

Committee Overview

Members of the debt collection education committee will be responsible for developing content and resources to help members gain a better understanding of debt collection and the FDCPA.

Major Functions and Responsibilities

  • Participate in monthly conference calls
  • Identify critical trends and issues
  • Assist in deciding what content will be used in debt defense and FDCPA education programming
  • Solicit content presenters and/or potentially serve as a content presenter
  • Develop supporting documents
  • Help draft marketing materials to encourage registration

Volunteer Commitment

Committee members will be expected to participate in monthly conference calls. All committee work will be done via conference calls or emails. Timely responses to requests for assistance and information, as well as meeting deadline targets, are essential aspects of a member’s responsibilities. In addition to the monthly call, it is likely that committee members will have another two to three hours of work each month.

Required Qualifications

NACA is looking for volunteers with at least two years’ experience litigating debt defense or FDCPA cases.


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Debt Collection Education Committee

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