Position: Ethics Committee Member-at-large

Term Length: Two year with the option to extend up to two additional years.

Committee Overview

The ethics committee assists NACA in evaluating nuanced cases of prospective and current members, balancing the need for adherence to NACA's standards with the need for NACA to welcome and educate practitioners, especially new consumer attorneys. The committee also keeps NACA updates with current ethical issues in the field.

Major Functions and Responsibilities

Reviewing Cases

Two types of cases may be assigned to a committee member for review: an applicant whose work raised concerns with the state chair and requires a more thorough review, or a current member who has had an ethical concern raised about them or their organization.

All reviews should be completed within three to four weeks, with more time being granted in complicated circumstances. A reviewer will first conduct research (reviewing the individual’s website, their case history, speaking with the state chair or member who raised the concern, etc.), then reach out to discuss with the individual in question, and finally submit a recommendation to the committee of whether the individual is appropriate for NACA membership.

This work will mainly be conducted via email; if a particularly complicated case requires feedback from the rest of the committee members, a call will be scheduled.

Keeping NACA Informed of Current Ethical Issues

The committee keeps NACA updated with current ethics issues in the field and suggest topics and speakers for ethics webinars and Spring Training ethics sessions. This work will be conducted via email.

Volunteer Commitment

The number of hours per month will vary depending on the current volume of cases to be reviewed. Each case will likely require no more than four or five hours. the full committee will have virtual meetings on an as-needed basis, though we anticipate no more than five calls per year.

Required Qualifications

In order to join the committee, you need to have been a NACA member for at least five years.


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