Position:  Timeshares Listserv Moderator/Community Manager

Reports to: Membership Committee. NACA staff handles technical aspects.

Term Dates: One year with the possibility to renew for up to two more additional years.

Overall Responsibility

The new Timeshares listserv/community provides general resources and networking space for our attorneys who handle timeshare cases. This position provides oversight and coordination of the community and looks for opportunities to create added value for the membership through a vibrant discussion forum, creation and identification of high quality and timely resources, and effective communication to the community of subscribers. Depending on your preferences, you may create and lead a team to assist you with some of the tasks. If you are interested, please email [email protected] explaining your interest and qualifications.

Major Functions and Responsibilities

1. Monitoring the content of the listserv, including:

  • Being aware of activity in the discussion forums
  • Ensuring responses to postings as necessary.
  • Enforcing discussion forum rules when necessary.

2. Building Community

  • Making sure new subscribers to the list/community feel welcome
  • Seeding discussion and exchange on the discussion forum as appropriate.

3. Coordinating the community’s resources (Note: depending on the volume, an additional position (Document Manager) may be created to assist with this task)

  • Ensuring that all resources are placed in the appropriate folder structure and tagged appropriately.
  • Identifying potential new content in need of creation
  • Identifying questions and topics to recommend to the Education Committee for further development of educational offerings.

4. Alerting and coordinating with staff when there are technical issues and providing suggestions to improve the user experience.

Volunteer Commitment

We estimate a time commitment of one to three hours per week, depending on activity. Anywhere from one to four conference calls a year with staff as new features are released or to improve the member experience.

Required Qualifications

  • Five years or more of NACA membership
  • An active interest in assisting colleagues with professional development
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience using Web-based forums/communication (technical experience is not required)