The Verdict Against Equifax for FCRA Violations

Justin Baxter will discuss litigation strategies, trial practice, and themes that resulted in an $18.5 million jury verdict against Equifax for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Beginning in 2009, Equifax merged Julie Miller's credit file with that of another person with a different Social Security number, birthdate and address. Ms. Miller disputed the account repeatedly, but Equifax failed to perform any reinvestigations. The case was tried in federal district court in Oregon in July of 2013.

Arbitration 101

The webinar will discuss the practice skills necessary for the effective representation of consumers in arbitration. With the pervasiveness of arbitration provisions in consumer transactions, advocates need to become familiar with the practice and procedures of the arbitration forum. The speaker will review the potential benefits and significant limitations of consumer arbitration claims.

Enhancing Your Practice: Lemon Law Webinar


Scott R. Kaufman has been licensed by the CA Bar since November of 1997, representing individuals in their disputes with businesses since 2003. He’s worked on well over 1,000 cases and achieved a positive outcome for the client in virtually all of them. Mr. Kaufman is a former member of the Southern California advanced litigation chapter of the “Inn of Court.” Pursuant to that membership he’s organized and taught multiple California certified Mandatory Continuing Legal Education classes.

Advanced Lemon Law

Come hear two of NACA’s most knowledgeable members in Lemon Law, Ron Burdge and Scott Kaufman, go beyond the basics and delve into the heart of Lemon Law. This webinar will take you further than the fundamentals. This webinar will address ways to incorporate Lemon Law into your practice, what “substantial impairment” really means, lemon law presumptions, warranties, remedies, and much more. Learn how to make lemonade for you and your client!

How to Answer Discovery in FCRA Cases

Consumer reporting agencies and furnishers often serve “shock and awe” discovery. Proper case evaluation, especially in multi-party litigation, is essential to mapping your discovery plan.You will learn the factors to consider when preparing your discovery strategy and the areas of inquiry for each of the Big 3 CRAs and various creditors.This webinar will cover FCRA case evaluation and discovery, including: interrogatories; request for production of documents; and requests for admission.

Messaging to Get the Defendants’ Attention– Effective Case Preparation for Settlement and Trial

Getting a defendant’s attention to the claim or claims which will be pursued through trial in a case requires careful preparation and strategy. Too often, plaintiffs’ lawyers do not seek to communicate directly or effectively with the defendant or its counsel about its true potential liability and the amount of damages that a jury could award.


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