Spotting and Investigating the Legal Issue

Mobile Banking and Mobile Payments – Payment Systems

Millions of consumers, including low income consumers, use mobile devices for banking and paying for goods yet few lawyers are familiar with this area of the law. After this webinar, you will be able to help your clients protect themselves. Topics include remote deposit capture, security, privacy, on-line contracting, CFPB involvement, stolen phones, unauthorized transfers and charges to mobile phone bills.

Debt Defense with Peter Holland

In this 60 minute webinar, Peter covers background, insights and litigation tips for debt defense cases. Topics include: overview of debt buyer industry; Forward Flow Agreements and bank liability; current regulatory response; debt buyer default judgment business model; client intake; screening for affirmative claims; trial preparation; trial tips; essential settlement terms; and significant case law developments. A few sample pleadings will be provided. A portion of the session will be reserved for live Q and A.

eOscar and the Credit Reporting Dispute System

FCRA litigator Leonard Bennett provides a detailed walk through of the e-Oscar dispute system created by the national credit reporting agencies to electronically communicate, process and profit from consumer credit reporting disputes. Topics include the origin and current operation of e-Oscar by CRA-owned OLDE, LLC, its business relationship with creditors and other FCRA furnishers, the practical appearance and use of e-Oscar, available documents and discovery from and through e-Oscar and related sources, and reading the documents and information obtained.

Class certification of FDCPA Cases

Many FDCPA claims can be brought as a class action. Rand Bragg will review the elements for class certification of FDCPA cases, defenses to certification asserted by debt collectors, class definition, and other issues surrounding the certification of FDCPA cases, class definition and ascertainability, settlement of FDCPA class actions, and other current issues regarding certification of FDCPA claims.

Everything You Need to Know About Client Intake

As the saying goes, your case is only as good as your client. And success in any FDCPA case starts with a great client intake. Asking all the right questions, at the right time, will make all the difference in the success of your FDCPA case. The right intake will also determine how much money you'll put in your pocket at the end of day. Don't shortcut the critical intake process and create nightmares down the road. Rather, learn the right way to do an intake to get great results and happy clients.


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