Spotting and Investigating the Legal Issue

Debt Defense 101 Trial Preparation

This webinar will discuss how to defend a consumer debt collection case at trial. It will first very briefly review the information, documents, and testimony you should optimally obtain in discovery for a typical collection defense case. It will then give an introductory-level overview of motions in limine, trial supoenas, evidence format and presentation, stipulations, opening statement and closing argument, cross examination of the plaintiff’s witnesses, and directed verdict motions/renewed motions.

Class Actions and Repeated Wrongdoing in Car Deals

Why You Should Attend

This webinar will focus on oft-repeated legal violations in the area of car sales and financing. If you and your client are interested in cleaning up a car dealership, and adding value to your current case load, attend this webinar. Focus will lean toward California law, but will also address federal claims and other potential under many other state's laws.


FCRA Claims against Resellers

With mortgage loans being the “gold standard” for actual damages in FCRA cases, a consumer’s claims are greatly enhanced by mining all resellers’ liabilities for your consumer clients. Paul Mengedoth will discuss the overlay of additional liabilities involving claims against a “reseller” under the FCRA, common reseller defenses asserted in an FCRA case and practical pre- and post-litigation tips unique to reseller cases.

Genesis: The Impact on Mootness and Rule 23 Cases

Defendants trying to avoid class actions have seized on the tactic of offering judgment to the named plaintiff and then claiming that the entire class action is moot, whether or not the offer is accepted. Scores of cases testing whether this ploy can succeed are working their way through district courts and courts of appeals in every circuit. Every class action practitioner needs to know how to effectively oppose these efforts before they have a chance to begin.

FCRA Discovery

In this webinar you will learn how to effectively take 30b 5&6 depositions of furnishers and credit reporting agencies and will assist you in completing various other aspects of paper discovery.


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