Litigating Identity Theft Cases under the FCRA and State Law Claims

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January 28, 2016
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Identity theft cases under the FCRA go well beyond the reporting and disputing process. Lawyers must dig into the actual theft and strategically conduct discovery to obtain all the good, the bad, and the ugly facts to prepare for trial. This webinar will discuss what discovery tools were used in the Kim v. BMWFS trial won by Robert Brennan and Stephanie Tatar.  They will also discuss what discovery was purposely NOT conducted in order to obtain the best result at trial. This webinar is geared to practitioners with at least a basic understanding of FCRA, the eOscar platform, and the dispute system.  

What You Will Learn

  • Which strategies to use in order to obtain the best results at a trial
  • How to use expert witnesses to maximize the recovery
  • How to cross examine an identity theft investigator
  • What facts and testimony are critical for the recovery for emotional distress damages


Robert Brennan began his career in civil litigation in 1988 and opened his own law firm, The Law Offices of Robert F. Brennan APC, in 1991. The firm specializes in litigating serious personal injury cases and cases related to violations of consumer protection laws, including unfair and abusive debt collection, lemon law, automotive dealer fraud, wrongful credit report damage, and identity theft cases. Mr. Brennan was selected as a “Southern California Super Lawyer” for ten consecutive years. His recent major victories include having the Fourth District Court of Appeal uphold his FCRA verdict in Fisher v. Wells Fargo.  At over $1.1 million gross, it was one of the largest California verdicts ever for wrongful credit damage.  In Nelson v. Arrow, he obtained a gross verdict of over $300,000.00 in a case brought under the FDCPA.  For many years, his verdict in Ferraro/Park City v. Ford was the largest verdict ever in California in a Song-Beverly “lemon law” case; the verdict has since been surpassed only twice.    

Stephanie Tatar has been a consumer advocate since graduating cum laude from DePaul University, College of Law. Prior to founding The Tatar Law Firm, Ms. Tatar gained extensive litigation and appellate experience with firms in Chicago and Los Angeles. During her career, she has successfully fought debt collectors, credit reporting agencies, creditors, manufacturers, and car dealers, achieving success at every level. Most recently, Ms. Tatar was the Director of Litigation at a prestigious Southern California law firm. Ms. Tatar is also admitted to practice in various federal courts, including the 9th Circuit Court, Northern District of California, the Central District of California, the Southern District of California, and the 7th Circuit Court, Northern District of Illinois.


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