Combating Common Defense Themes

Debt Defense with Peter Holland

In this 60 minute webinar, Peter covers background, insights and litigation tips for debt defense cases. Topics include: overview of debt buyer industry; Forward Flow Agreements and bank liability; current regulatory response; debt buyer default judgment business model; client intake; screening for affirmative claims; trial preparation; trial tips; essential settlement terms; and significant case law developments. A few sample pleadings will be provided. A portion of the session will be reserved for live Q and A.

How to Answer Discovery in FCRA Cases

Consumer reporting agencies and furnishers often serve “shock and awe” discovery. Proper case evaluation, especially in multi-party litigation, is essential to mapping your discovery plan.You will learn the factors to consider when preparing your discovery strategy and the areas of inquiry for each of the Big 3 CRAs and various creditors.This webinar will cover FCRA case evaluation and discovery, including: interrogatories; request for production of documents; and requests for admission.

Taking the Defendant’s Case and Making it Your Own

Fear is setting in, the trial approaching. Things are closing in around you. All of your emotional energy is locked in on the defendant’s trial themes. It is sucking the life out of you and you are afraid. You feel the pressure of the defendant’s trial themes that highlight the weaknesses in your case. It’s time to push the pause button and get creative. This webinar is designed for lawyers who have settlement conferences or trials that require evaluation of the defendant’s case and how you can turn their case into your greatest power.

Internet Payday Lending

Once limited to highly-visible signs and convenient neighborhood locations, payday loans beckoned borrowers with promises of quick cash and no credit checks. With the continued spread of Internet access, the business of payday lending has evolved and into a digital industry. Hiding behind the anonymity the Internet provides, lenders operate predatory practices that challenge enforceability.The uneducated borrower is provided with the ability to secure a much-needed loan; however, far less noticeable are the loan terms that include high-cost fees and triple-digit interest rates.


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