Advanced Lemon Law

Come hear two of NACA’s most knowledgeable members in Lemon Law, Ron Burdge and Scott Kaufman, go beyond the basics and delve into the heart of Lemon Law. This webinar will take you further than the fundamentals. This webinar will address ways to incorporate Lemon Law into your practice, what “substantial impairment” really means, lemon law presumptions, warranties, remedies, and much more. Learn how to make lemonade for you and your client!

How to Answer Discovery in FCRA Cases

Consumer reporting agencies and furnishers often serve “shock and awe” discovery. Proper case evaluation, especially in multi-party litigation, is essential to mapping your discovery plan.You will learn the factors to consider when preparing your discovery strategy and the areas of inquiry for each of the Big 3 CRAs and various creditors.This webinar will cover FCRA case evaluation and discovery, including: interrogatories; request for production of documents; and requests for admission.

FCRA Deposition Tactics and Strategies

This Webinar will focus on effective strategies for noticing and taking depositions in FCRA cases. When should depositions be noticed? Where and how should they be noticed? How should they be recorded? What should be the order of witnesses? What are the purposes of the depositions that the plaintiff seeks? What happens when the witness is unprepared or uncooperative? How should you deal with an obstructionist defense attorney? How should you mange deposition exhibits? Are you effectively taking a trial deposition?

eOscar and the Credit Reporting Dispute System

FCRA litigator Leonard Bennett provides a detailed walk through of the e-Oscar dispute system created by the national credit reporting agencies to electronically communicate, process and profit from consumer credit reporting disputes. Topics include the origin and current operation of e-Oscar by CRA-owned OLDE, LLC, its business relationship with creditors and other FCRA furnishers, the practical appearance and use of e-Oscar, available documents and discovery from and through e-Oscar and related sources, and reading the documents and information obtained.


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