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Welcome to Virtual Law Consumer Law Practice: How to Thrive While Working from Home

Firms across the nation are very suddenly learning how to work from home to protect the safety of attorneys and staff and to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Many consumer protection law firms have already been working remotely and determined that it can be more cost effective, efficient, productive, and enjoyable than operating out of a traditional office. Our firm has operated virtually for more than seven years, and this webinar will share our perspective and offer tips to firms that are suddenly forced to work from home now or in the coming days.

Virtual Depositions

Tuesday, March 31, 2020, 2:15pm EDT

Members: Free of Charge
NonMembers: Nonmembers will be able to purchase the webinar in the Training Library for $90.

The practice of consumer law is going virtual. Video depositions will become the new norm.  Harnessing the power of online platforms will allow you to conduct depositions as if you were there in person. Best of all, you can do all of this from the comfort of your home office.   

What You Will Learn

  • What technologies to use to take a virtual deposition 

Developing a Private Auto Fraud Practice

Besides purchasing a home, buying a car is the biggest consumer purchase that most individuals will make in their lifetime. Today, there are there are more than 260 million registered vehicles in the United States alone. This number is only growing. The automotive industry is ripe with fraud and pitfalls for unwary consumers. Fortunately, there are several federal and state statutes that serve as tools for consumer attorneys to help rectify the wrongs in the industry and advocate for their consumers.

Student Loans


•    Managing Federal Student Loans in Changing Times
•    How and When to Discharge Private Student Loans in Bankruptcy
•    How to become a successful Student Loan Lawyer
•    Presenting Winning Defenses in Private Student Loan Collections Actions

Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) 101


  • The Da Vinci Code—How to Read and Understand Mortgage Life of Loan Histories using Black Knight’s LoanSphere Magnified MSP
  • Reg X Claims: The Unqualified Written Request
  • RESPA 101: Drafting Effective Requests for Information and Notices of Error

Why These Videos Are Helpful

Are you interested in litigating Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) cases, as implemented through Regulation X?

Workflows to Automate Your Solo Practice

Standard productivity hacks don't cut it when you alone are responsible for an entire law practice. This session will cover strategies to create repeatable, step-by-step workflows to run your business, providing several example workflows on how to automate the process of attracting and booking new clients. This webinar will have the opportunity for interaction, where attendees will also be able to ask questions or share workflows and automation techniques that are working for them.

Legal Services Package


  • Consumer Defense Clinics: Building a Courthouse Clinic from the Ground Up
  • How to Start/Maintain a Consumer Practice within a Legal Services Agency
  • Starting a Student Loan Practice for the Legal Services Practitioner

Why These Videos Are Helpful

Do you want to hear about best practices for running a consumer unit in a legal services firm?


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