Spotting and Investigating the Legal Issue

The “Passive” Debt Buyer Issue

If you are suing debt buyers under the FDCPA, you need to understand the recent Circuit Court of Appeals decisions on whether these entities are debt collectors. Debt buyers are pushing the “passive” debt buyer argument through our courts to further restrict the FDCPA’s application and chip away at its already limited coverage. This webinar will prepare you for facing the “passive” debt buyer issue in your FDCPA cases involving debt buyers. This webinar is geared to intermediate practitioners.

The New Kids in Town: Mortgage Sub-Servicers—The Who, What, When, Where, and Why Behind this Network

This webinar will examine a case study of New Residential (NRZ) to provide a current example of how the new sub-servicing model in the mortgage market makes things even worse for consumers. New Residential Investment Corp is a leading provider of capital and services to the mortgage and financial services industries. Learn why this system continues to harass homeowners and their attorneys with what Max calls "a terminal illness with the entire mortgage servicing system." The webinar is geared to advanced practitioners of mortgage servicing cases. 

Turn the Coming Deluge of Post-Covid Repossessions into Class Actions that Help Borrowers Recover from Those Predatory Takings

TransUnion reported in June that pandemic related unemployment has led to three million auto loans being in default/deferment. NCLC has identified just five states that have pandemic moratoriums that prohibit repossessions until existing emergency orders are lifted. Although most car lenders have suspended repossessions during the pandemic, as time wears on corporate patience wears thin, waves of repossessions will inevitably follow, and without legal help people many will end up with the short end of the stick.

Information from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Coronavirus Scams

Scammers are taking advantage of fears and using the headlines surrounding the coronavirus to try to steal consumers’ money and personal information. Join us for a briefing on the latest scams and consumer issues during the pandemic. FTC staff will share information on false health claims, robocalls, stimulus check scams, debt and credit scams, and other concerns that you can share with your community and the clients you serve.

Developing an Auto Fraud Practice Part 2

Besides purchasing a home, buying a car is the biggest consumer purchase that most individuals will make in their lifetime. Today, there are there are more than 260 million registered vehicles in the United States alone. This number is only growing. The automotive industry is ripe with fraud and pitfalls for unwary consumers. Fortunately, there are several federal and state statutes that serve as tools for consumer attorneys to help rectify the wrongs in the industry and advocate for their consumers.


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