Trial Skills

NACA-NCLC Facilitator Training Program

Thursday, March 31, 2022, 1:00pm EDT

Are you interested in taking on a leadership role within NACA or NCLC? Increasingly, both organizations are looking to boost engagement through interactive, roundtable discussions that take place at in-person and online conferences and workshops.

The best roundtable or group discussion experience depends on the discussion leader. A skilled leader brings out the best in everyone in that discussion, meeting, or roundtable. You can be that leader.

How to Succeed in Arbitration: The Arbitration Hearing and Post-Hearing Briefing

Arbitration is ubiquitous, and it has profoundly impacted the private practice of consumer protection law. While much has been said about the disadvantages of arbitration for consumers, many practitioners have had great success in arbitrating individual consumer protection claims. This three-part webinar boot camp will show participants how they can succeed in arbitration. The presenters, Ron Wilcox and Dan Blinn, will address all aspects of arbitrating consumer claims, from the initial selection of an arbitral forum right up to the time of a final award. 

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) 101


  • Discovering Evidence in Credit Reporting Cases
  • FTC Update: Resources to Prevent and Recover from Identity Theft
  • Litigating Identity Theft Cases under the FCRA and State Law Claims
  • Beyond eOSCAR—Litigating Non-Credit FCRA Cases
  • eOSCAR and the Credit Reporting Dispute System
  • Don't Leave Money on the Table: Settle FCRA Cases
  • How Much is My FCRA Case Worth?
  • Identifying 1681e(b) Claims and Knowing when/if to Dispute with the CRAs
  • Pre-litigation: What to Do When a potential FCRA Case Comes in Your Door

The Riches of Storytelling for Consumer Lawyers

Nothing attracts a juror’s attention or ignites our passions like a good story. As consumer rights lawyers, our clients bring us amazing stories of dishonesty, deception, and injustice. It is our job to ensure that our clients’ stories are told in the most compelling and powerful manner possible. Learn the techniques and secrets of the storytelling craft and how their application can bring larger recoveries to our clients and more business and income to our practices.

Using Experts in Auto Fraud Cases

Many consumer cases are expert driven, and the court will benefit from the industry experience that a well-qualified expert can bring. Attorneys who are just developing their practice, who are not overly familiar with the auto industry, or who have had unfavorable experiences with experts from either side would benefit from the discussion. By attending, you will gain a more complete understanding of how to effectively find and utilize the skills of an auto fraud expert.


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