Spring 2020 FAQs

About Spring Training: 

How is this training different from other consumer advocacy conferences?

NACA’s new ONLINE Spring Training combines the intimacy of a subject matter-focused conference with the opportunities of a large conference. Learn and participate in facilitated online networking opportunities before and during the event to help build your relationships with and grow your network of fellow consumer attorneys.

What's New?

It's online—We will host all sessions online throughout a five-week period in late May and June using our current webinar platform with each track scheduled to be held during a single week. 

It's pay what you can. NACA has made the decision to enable as many members to attend as possible without cost being a barrier to participation.

- It features three tracks—FCRA, Auto Fraud, and Litigation Skills—that allow you to follow your interest or need. It’s like having three subject-matter conferences in one place.

- The education starts at a higher level. The sessions are developed to teach specific skills and to dive deep into an aspect or area of consumer law.

- There are more opportunties for education. You can attend all thirty-four sessions live for CLE credit. You will have access to watch any session after the fact for free in our training library. When you look at the cost per CLE hour, the online conference saves you money.

What will I learn/what skills will I gain by attending?

  • The pre-training workshops on FCRA Fundamentals and Auto Fraud Fundamentals will provide you with the essentials needed to spot common FCRA and auto fraud cases.
  • You will learn how to set up your practice effectively to deal with time, cost, and case constraints in the Litigation Skills track.
  • The Auto Fraud track will address finance, vehicle fitness, and litigation topics.
  • The FCRA track will explore non-traditional FCRA cases and how to FCRA claims a viable part of your practice.
  • The So You Want to be a Class Action Attorney workshop will teach you the fundamentals of spotting class actions, overcoming Rule 23 challenges, and settling your case ethically.
  • The Masters’ Session will be a safe space for NACA’s most experienced members to gain strategies to improve their practice.

What networking opportunities are available?

We want to provide as many opportunities as we can for you to connect with your fellow consumer advocates, even online. There will be online discussions happening in the event community during each of the sessions. We are exploring adding small group discussions/virtual meet ups diring the conference. 

Whom do I contact if I want to present?

We’d love to have your share your expertise. Please reach out to Rebecca at training@consumeradvocates.org.

What is NACA doing to protect attendees from COVID-19?

The health and well-being of our community is the absolute top priority for us. After monitoring current events and estimates of what might happen, NACA leadership made the very difficult decision to transform the 2020 Spring Training to an online format. 


When will registration open?

Registration will reopen soon.

How do I register?

Once registration opens, you will be able to click the registration link to be taken to the registration page in our database. As you go through the process, you will be able to select which events you wish to attend.

How do I register if I am not a NACA member?

If you are not a current NACA member, you will need to join to attend this event. Join today!

Will I be able to attend sessions from all of the tracks?

Yes, all attendees can move freely between the three tracks. Now you can attend all thirty-four sessions if you wish, or watch them after they happen through our Training Library.

Will I be able to register online up until the conference?

Current NACA members will be allowed to register online up until the conference starts. 


Will I be able to access materials from all the tracks?

Yes, you will have access to materials from all three tracks. This information will be uploaded to our Spring Training community. The materials for the pre-training workshops and Masters’ Session will be restricted to attendees of those events.

Do you have an app for the training? How will I access materials?

We do not use an app. All materials will be available in the community

How do I use/what is the value of using the Spring Training community to access materials?

Once you register for the training, you will automatically be added to the community. You can access it using the login information that you use for the member portal on the website. The community allows us to put all information and documents in one place so that you can access and download everything easily. The community also gives you the opportunity to interact with other attendees and start the networking process prior to the start of Spring Training.

Hotel/Location Logistics: 

Where will Spring Training take place?

The Spring Training will be a virtual event and will take place on NACA's webinar platform.

CLE Credits: 

How many CLE credits could I earn?

You can earn up to thirty-four CLE credits at the training and three at the Auto Fundamentals workshop and FCRA Fundamentals workshop.

How do I receive CLE credits for the training/workshops?

You will need to submit a request for CLE credits form that notes which sessions you attended at the training and/or workshops. Based on that submission, NACA will issue you a certificate of attendance.  If you seek CLE credit in California, Florida, or Oregon, the Spring Training is pre-approved for CLE credit in those states. If you seek CLE credits in other states, you will need to apply directly to the state bar to get the conference approved for CLE credits. If your state allows self-study CLE credits, you would be able to earn credits for any previously recorded session you watched. 

Support NACA: 

I want to volunteer. Whom do I contact?

We love volunteers of all types. If you are interested in volunteering for a committee, please contact training@consumeradvocates.org.

What type of sponsorship opportunities are there?

The NACA Spring Training is a wonderful opportunity to raise your profile among our members and attendees, or the profile of your firm or company. We offer all types of sponsorships, depending on your budget and what you want to accomplish at the event. Visit our sponsorship page for more information.


What is NACA's No-Harassment Policy?

The National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) is committed to providing a respectful, supportive, and professional environment at NACA organized and/or NACA-related conferences and events, including online events. It is NACA’s goal to ensure that conference and event participants, including members, sponsors, exhibitors, staff, and other guests, are not subjected to disruptive, harassing, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate behavior carried out through physical, sexual, verbal, electronic, or other means.

NACA is dedicated to providing a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for all regardless of race, color, age, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic information, disability, military status, marital status, or other protected status.

This No-Harassment Policy outlines expectations for all participants at NACA conferences and affiliated events, including online events. All persons attending NACA conferences/events are subject to the policy. Download the policy here.