Cy Pres Awards are a significant source of funding for NACA. We rely on the generosity of our members to award Cy Pres donations to the organization to allow us to grow and nurture the consumer law community through training and education, forums for communicating and networking, and development of other resources to help improve their practices. A stronger community promotes justice for consumers and protects their rights from unfair, fraudulent, and abusive business practices.

Directing a Cy Pres Award to NACA

We've developed a general background document for use in Cy Pres requests and one targeted to our 501(c)(3) Education Fund. If you would like to direct a Cy Pres Award to NACA or if you need us to tailor supporting documents for your case, please contact Ira Rheingold.

Cy Pres Donors

Over the years we have received numerous awards, all of which have helped sustain and support the tireless work of our members. NACA is so very appreciative of your generosity.

  • John Albanese
  • David Angle
  • Stacy Bardo
  • Leonard Bennett
  • Daniel Blinn
  • Scott Borison
  • Randolph Bragg
  • Ronald Burdge
  • Louis Cabassa
  • Pamela Car
  • Benjamin Carney
  • Michelle Drake
  • Ryan Frasher
  • Richard Gordon
  • Richard S. Gordon
  • Brandon Hill
  • Peter Holland
  • Abbas Kazerounian
  • Kristi Kelly
  • Michael Kinkley
  • Allison Krumhorn
  • James Latturner
  • Seth Lesser
  • Arthur Levy
  • Cyrus Mehri
  • Robert Murphy
  • David Philipps
  • Mary Philipps
  • James Pietz
  • Anna Prakash
  • Lance Raphael
  • Kathi Rawls
  • William Reinbrecht
  • Phillip Robinson
  • Steven Shane
  • Steven Skalet
  • Mark Steinbach
  • Susan Thomas
  • Joseph Tusa
  • Janet Varnell
  • Ronald Wilcox
  • Martin Wolf
  • Michael Wood