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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a report that warns of widespread evictions and foreclosures once federal, state, and local pandemic protections come to an end, absent additional public and private action. Over eleven million families are behind on their rent or mortgage payments: 2.1 million families are behind at least three months on mortgage payments, while 8.8 million are behind on rent. Homeowners alone are estimated to owe almost $90 billion in missed payments. Those who are unable to resume payments or reach some other agreement with their lender may be forced to leave their homes through sale or foreclosure. This webinar is geared to mortgage practitioners of all levels.

What You Will Learn

  • How to address the gap between what servicers legally must do and are actually doing
  • What are the protections of Loss Mitigation Rules provided for by RESPA and REG X
  • How to incorporate the CFPB’s rule amendments established on June 28, 2021 but not effective until August 31, 2021.


Jay Patterson is a nationally recognized forensic accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner. He has been the owner of Full Disclosure LLC since 2007. His practice is limited to forensic and investigative accounting/auditing relating to mortgage loan servicing functions, processes, and document forensics. Jay has specialized knowledge in these areas and has testified as an expert witness in a variety of jurisdictions, including state courts, federal courts, and legislative bodies. He has developed methodologies used in the investigation, examination, and analyses of mortgage loan servicing transactions and processes. Jay is currently working with the Ditech Holding Corporation Consumer Creditor Recover Trust analyzing claims.

Attorney Oliver Max Gardner III is recognized as one of the leading lawyers in America in the area of predatory mortgage servicing and as the “dean” of mortgage servicing issues in consumer bankruptcy cases. Max received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1969 and graduated with high honors from the UNC School of Law in 1974. Following graduation, he served as the senior law clerk to the Hon. William H. Bobbitt, the late Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, and as senior law clerk to the Hon. William Copeland, an Associate Justice of that Court. He has been recognized twice by the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys for special national awards. He is also the founder of his renowned Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Boot Camp.

Roberto Rivera is a native of St. Croix, Virgin Islands, is a proud veteran of the US Marine Corp, and frequent attendee and speaker at Max Gardner’s Boot Camps. He has been in the Loss Mitigation, Mortgage and Real Estate field for almost 22 years.  During this time, he has contributed to thousands of successful real estate and mortgage transactions, including, mediation, short sale, deed in lieu, and mortgage modifications.  Bobby works exclusively with attorneys offering loss mitigation consulting with on an à la carte basis.