FCRA Claims against Resellers

With mortgage loans being the “gold standard” for actual damages in FCRA cases, a consumer’s claims are greatly enhanced by mining all resellers’ liabilities for your consumer clients. Paul Mengedoth will discuss the overlay of additional liabilities involving claims against a “reseller” under the FCRA, common reseller defenses asserted in an FCRA case and practical pre- and post-litigation tips unique to reseller cases.

FCRA Discovery

In this webinar you will learn how to effectively take 30b 5&6 depositions of furnishers and credit reporting agencies and will assist you in completing various other aspects of paper discovery.

FCRA, FDCPA and Bankruptcy Part Two

The second webinar will cover the overlap of FCRA and Chapter 7 (liquidation) bankruptcy. Mr. Krumbein will be discussing very briefly how Chapter 7 works (again familiarity with bankruptcy is helpful but not required), and then go into the substantive law including the White/Acosta/Hernandez settlement. Emphasis will be on e[b] claims and the advisability of doing a dispute under i/s-2[b].

Messaging to Get the Defendants’ Attention– Effective Case Preparation for Settlement and Trial

Getting a defendant’s attention to the claim or claims which will be pursued through trial in a case requires careful preparation and strategy. Too often, plaintiffs’ lawyers do not seek to communicate directly or effectively with the defendant or its counsel about its true potential liability and the amount of damages that a jury could award.

Trial Practice Skills - Rediscover Discovery

This webinar will focus more on the WHY and only a little on the HOW of basic discovery. After working in varied fields of litigation and in different communities, I came to realize that there is no one right way to approach discovery; however, using the exact same practice and procedure for each case may be the wrong way.The goal is to push attendees to look at their discovery practices with fresh eyes, and to encourage experimenting.

Navigating Federal e-Discovery Rules

This 90 minute web-based course provides a straightforward, structured explanation of the Federal E-Discovery Rules adopted in 2006. The course delivers 12 strategies for how plaintiffs can employ the E-Discovery Rules to their advantage and discusses some of the defensive strategies plaintiffs confront and how to respond.Through this course you will learn:

Loan Modification Misconduct Litigation

Despite the creation of national servicing standards under HAMP, the National Mortgage Settlement, and CFPB regulations (effective January 10, 2014), servicers continue to mishandle loan modification applications. This course will present claims and litigation strategy associated with loan modification misconduct. Claim analysis includes breach of contract and other common law claims, UDAP, ECOA, Fair Credit Reporting and other statutory claims. Litigation strategy includes how to keep your client in their home during litigation, discovery strategies, and settlement strategies.

Internet Payday Lending

Once limited to highly-visible signs and convenient neighborhood locations, payday loans beckoned borrowers with promises of quick cash and no credit checks. With the continued spread of Internet access, the business of payday lending has evolved and into a digital industry. Hiding behind the anonymity the Internet provides, lenders operate predatory practices that challenge enforceability.The uneducated borrower is provided with the ability to secure a much-needed loan; however, far less noticeable are the loan terms that include high-cost fees and triple-digit interest rates.


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