Negotiating Attorney Fees

Student Loans


•    Managing Federal Student Loans in Changing Times
•    How and When to Discharge Private Student Loans in Bankruptcy
•    How to become a successful Student Loan Lawyer
•    Presenting Winning Defenses in Private Student Loan Collections Actions

So You Have a Case with a Fee Claim; Now What? Learn How to Maximize your Fee Award

The practice of law is a business, and an important part of that business is getting paid. Whether you are in private practice or working for legal services, getting paid for your efforts is a vital part of the practice. Often an afterthought, the award of fees is an integral part of consumer litigation. Whether you are new to the practice or a seasoned litigator, then maximizing your fee claims is valuable to you, your practice, and your firm or organization.

How to Succeed in Arbitration: The Arbitration Hearing and Post-Hearing Briefing

Arbitration is ubiquitous, and it has profoundly impacted the private practice of consumer protection law. While much has been said about the disadvantages of arbitration for consumers, many practitioners have had great success in arbitrating individual consumer protection claims. This three-part webinar boot camp will show participants how they can succeed in arbitration. The presenters, Ron Wilcox and Dan Blinn, will address all aspects of arbitrating consumer claims, from the initial selection of an arbitral forum right up to the time of a final award. 

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) 201


  • FCRA Claims against Resellers
  • FCRA Deposition Tactics and Strategies
  • Intersection between FCRA, Chapter 7, Mortgages, and Loan Modification
  • FCRA Class Action Litigation: Overview and Recent Developments
  • Don’t Make this Mistake—Accuracy: Avoiding the Landmine in FCRA Cases

Why These Videos Are Helpful

Do you want to take on more complex FCRA claims, including class action claims? Do you want to learn what types of FCRA claims are appropriate for class actions?

Maximizing Case Value


  • Maximizing Value of TCPA cases
  • Maximizing Damages under the FDCPA
  • Don't Leave Money on the Table: Settle FCRA Cases
  • How to Succeed in Consumer Arbitration

Why These Videos Are Helpful

Are you handling affirmative claims under the FDCPA, TCPA, and FCRA and want to earn more for your cases? Do you want strategies and tips that can be applied to all your affirmative claims, as well as specific advice to improve your bottom line on FDCPA, TCPA, and FCRA cases?

Developing a Consumer Law Practice


  • How Consumer Law Specialties Choose You
  • How to set up a Successful Mortgage Practice
  • Building your FDCPA Practice Using your Current Stock of Consumer Debt Work
  • How to set up a Successful FCRA Practice

Why These Videos Are Helpful

Are you considering starting your own consumer law firm or have you just recently started your firm? Are you thinking about transitioning into another sub-specialty of consumer protection law?


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