2024 Spring Training Leadership

Thank you to everyone who generously provided their time and expertise to help make our 2024 Spring Training a success!

FCRA Track Committee

Sylvia Bolos, Co-Chair

Robert S. Sola, Co-Chair

Justin T. Holcombe

Emily Kennedy

Hashim Rahman

Jeffrey Sand

Lauren Veggian

Elizabeth Wagner

Chi Chi Wu

FDCPA Track Committee

Brian L. Bromberg, Co-Chair

April Kuehnhoff, Co-Chair

Christina Henry, Co-Chair

Lindsey G. Anderson

Michael Hilicki

Steve Koval

Chelsea Ortega

Mary Philipps

Benjamin Wolf

Solar Fraud Track Committee

Lisa Considine, Co-Chair

Keith Hagan, Co-Chair

Andrew Pizor, Co-Chair

Claire Acosta

Edward Boltz

Andrew Connor

Thomas Domonoske

Kristin Kemnitzer

Andrew Milz

John O'Neal

Jacob Subbotin

Rob Treinen

Auto Practicum Committee

Drew Sarrett, Co-Chair

Sophia Romero, Co-Chair

John Van Alst, Co-Chair

Isaac Agyeman

Raina Bayas

Michelle Cook

James Hurt

Sebastian Korth

Angel Kwaterski

Elizabeth Wells

Class Action Workshop Committee

Craig Marchiando, Co-Chair

Shennan Kavanaugh, Co-Chair

Neil Fineman

Yana Hart

Eric Lechtzin

Erika Nusser

Sophia Rios

Elizabeth Ryan

Peter Silva

Deposition Workshop Committee

Duran Keller, Co-Chair

Ronald Wilcox, Co-Chair


To be announced